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      Travel books that will satisfy your travel itch

      We know the lockdown hasn’t been easy on you. For avid travelers especially, the outbreak has thrown your summer travel plans into a pool of uncertainty, not knowing when you’d get to enjoy that hike, or a drive up north. So, till you get to make that journey, we have a list of travel books for you to catch up on. These will not only make you fall in love with travelling all over again but will also inspire you to visit the places if you haven’t already.

      K2 Ki Kahani by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

      Pakistan’s renowned mountaineer, columnist, writer and travel enthusiast, Mustansar Hussain Tarar has been a source of inspiration for many. This work features his journey of leading a trekking team to K2’s base camp - a feat dreamt of by travel enthusiasts across the globe. The travelogue makes you feel like you’re one of those trekkers, travelling along the lush green fields filled with diverse plantations towards your destination. It also braces you for any challenges that you may encounter on this difficult yet one of the most prized journeys and is definitely recommended for those planning a trip up north.


      Undulus Mein Ajnabi (A Stranger in Spain) by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

      Although not based on one of his many journeys across Pakistan’s North, this novel nonetheless makes it to our list owing to its writing style that will rekindle a love for travel and adventure for anyone. It revolves around the renowned writer’s journey of the Spain of the 1970s, where he falls in love with the country, its history, and is a love letter for his passion for the road. For anyone wanting to take a journey to reconnect with a destination, to enjoy its offerings and to travel purely for the adventure of it, this novel will surely provide you the push to do so.


      Journey through Pakistan by Mohamed Amin, Duncan Willetts and Graham Hancock

      As the self-explanatory title suggests, this book takes you on a journey through the towering mountains in the north surrounded by rich heritage to the pristine and hidden beaches in the South. It has recently been revised by Pakistan’s best-selling travel writer Asif Noorani and is a comprehensive guide not only for tourists but also for locals that want to re-discover the diversity of their homeland.


      Deosai: Land of the Giant by Salman Rashid

      Featuring the work of another celebrated Pakistani travel writer, Salman Rashid’s Deosai is cinematic storytelling meets charming prose. The travelogue details the history, the topography and the culture of the surrounding places that instantly captivate the readers. Salman Rashid’s travel accounts are known to be filled with adventure, thrill and humour alike. And with this one particularly – you’d want to experience the lush green fields and the serene atmosphere for yourself!. You can also see the recent trip details here at dominance guide as well.


      Pakistan Traveller by Tim Blight


      This travel guidebook is your go-to to explore all that Pakistan has to offer. From the historic centers of Lahore to the magnificent fort in Cholistan desert to the glacial peaks of Hunza Valley and the unique culture of Kalash, this book is filled with detailed maps, transport information, recommended sites, accommodation options and safety tips to make your next trip an epic one!


      With these hard-to-put-down reads, you’d be left with a new love for travel as well as destinations to add to your itinerary!


      Best Backpacks in Pakistan

      What constitutes a good backpack or more so, a fantastic backpack. The one which obviously looks cool enough to have transpired from the pages of a fashion magazine. The one which leaves a significant amount of money in your pocket to finance the actual trip you were buying the backpack for. The one which is spacious enough so you require only that single piece of luggage for your vacation. The one which is sturdy enough to be able to pass on amongst generations and it ends up being a family heirloom.

      All that and much more is now at the click of your fingertip. A wide range of backpacks of all colours, styles and capacities are now available at our website. Comfort and quality are the aspects we do not compromise on. Our craftsmanship and excellent quality is eminent and results in amazing reviews from our clients. If all this still doesn’t persuade you to make a purchase from us, maybe our money back guarantee can on all our products can help you make the decision.